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 about  frē’kē-dē’kē 

this is the about us page of frē’kē-dē’kē brand lifestyle

apparel and accessories


frē’kē-dē’kē is U.S. based but is a global entity. our graphic logo depicts the frē’kē-dē’kē world front and center. our primary brand,

depicted in opposing colors, connects to ancient philosophy. the yin and yang describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. relation to one another is taken further in our brand as frē’kē-dē’kē is spelled phonetically with punctuation like one might see in a dictionary. however,

frē’kē-dē’kē, as of this writing, is not found in standard dictionaries. this gave rise to another part of our message,


this is the slogan for

frē’kē-dē’kē but also stands alone as an inspirational message to surprise the world

and be more than anticipated. 

there is a unique phenomenon that occurs when people see the frē’kē-dē’kē brand. the repeating, hard ē and punctuation causes the brand to jump off the product through the eyes and into the cerebral cortex. exactly what a brand is supposed to do. it's the definition of a brand. but then frē’kē-dē’kē begins to DēFY DeFINITION! it bounces around the brain looking for a place to park. and then it happens. you say it. out loud. because it's not fully frē’kē-dē’kē until it rolls off the tongue. did you say it out loud when you saw it? are you saying it out loud right now?

try wearing a frē’kē-dē’kē t-shirt as you walk down a busy avenue in New York City, Paris, or Hong Kong. we find, as people are walking toward us, they make that visual connection to the brand with their eyes and before they know it the verbal exclamation occurs. sight to sound. we throw a sticker on our board or helmet or wear a

frē’kē-dē’kē hoody and we hear it on the lifts and at the lodge.

see it. say it.

resistance is futile.

marketing and promotional firms have asked, “what does frē’kē-dē’kē mean to you?” to this we refer back to DēFY DeFINITION!, yin and yang. frē’kē-dē’kē is meant to promote individuality but also connection. frē’kē-dē’kē is non-judgmental but is not without passion for causes. we will always promote the brand in positive and encouraging terms. we will also attempt, through those who connect with frē’kē-dē’kē and the DēFY DeFINITION! lifestyle apparel and accessories message, to lift up and encourage where possible. these are some of the types of messages we will use our products and platform to promote:

• DDAT.ME – don’t drive and text me
• DTAD.ME – don’t text and drive me – don’t end your life or others' because you’re distracted.
• look twice and share the road to prevent accidents with fellow riders
• get informed and exercise your right to vote

yes, we ride, board, skate, vote, text (just not while driving), tweet, blaze, and caffeinate just like everyone else. we are just living. The only difference is we are living frē’kē-dē’kē style.

we invite you to become part of the global frē’kē-dē’kē phenomenon. see for yourself how frē’kē-dē’kē is more than a fun name to say.


get your frē’kē-dē’kē on and DēFY DeFINITION!

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